Helping Hands for a Smooth Transition

Feature image - Couple 2Helping Hands Moving Services gives you peace of mind by coordinating all the details of your move from downsizing to settling into your new home.  We specialize in serving seniors who are relocating to a smaller, more comfortable, and convenient home.  Whether it is a smaller house, apartment, or a retirement community we can make it easy for you.  There is a lot to do and we will do it all for you!

Our personal approach is genuine, sincere, and personal as your belongings are moved to your new home.  We will manage your move with professional respect and care. Whether you are the one looking to move or you are looking to move a loved one, we are the movers for you.  We are sensitive to your needs and provide personalized and professional attention.  All of this is accomplished with the utmost of care and respect for you and your personal treasures.

Our Promise to you:

  • Create trust and peace of mind as we coordinate all details of your move.
  • Provide a smooth process and transition for all involved.
  • Understand the emotions of moving from home to home.
  • Create an environment of calm during the transition.
  • Organize each and every detail from start to finish.
  • Your belongings will be handled with the care and respect they so richly deserve.

Helping Hands offers a full range of moving services to assist you and possibly your family in making the transition as smooth and seamless as possible.  Let us take the stress and challenges out of your move by using our services from start to finish.

  • Downsize and Estate Sales
  • Address Notification & Utility Coordination
  • Organizing & Packing your belongings
  • Moving to your new home
  • Unpacking and setting up
  • Prepare your old home for resale

Please feel free to contact Lisa Lamb, owner and transition specialist.  She is always happy to answer any and all questions you may have.  We welcome you to call 330-319-3309 or email us today. The initial consultation meeting and the estimate is free.